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So you’re the proud owner of a BMW. You periodically pier out the window at it sitting in your drive way thinking of how the neighbors are surely jealous. True excitement for you is a back country road where you can really make the engine roar as you hug each turn. You live in a world where luxury and speed have blended together to form something that you have the privilege to enjoy each and every day. Yea we get it; And to keep it that way there are a few scheduled services as well as BMW specific tips that we would like to share with you.

Computer Diagnostics
- Other than the dealer EP is the only shop in the area with the BMW factory scan tool needed to communicate and program the over one hundred computers on the most recent models.


Race Prep
- Tech inspections, chip installs, cams, performance clutch, lightweight flywheel, camber kits, and much more.


- Beware the quick lube! Your BMW requires special attention and care when it comes to any and every service performed, including a simple oil change. Depending on the model, your vehicle may require a specific weight of oil and many require fully synthetic oil. Also the oil filter housing may have as many as four rubber o-rings that must be changed at each oil service. Simple details often overlooked by your local quick lube that can lead to reduced performance and check engine lights.

BMW Recommended Services